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Travelling BEFORE exams

In January, I was feeling a little bit spontaneous. I wanted to do something different and exciting. So, I decided to buy flight tickets to America. Unfortunately, I was not thinking very much at the time as I bought the tickets to travel during Easter. 

Easter, as we all know is make or break time. It is time to catch up with all those weeks of procrastination. A time to “finally” understand things that were not understood before.  Year after year, every Easter I tell myself, “Nancy you will study hard, you will get good grades and you will pass with flying colours. You will study hard, it is only for a couple of weeks”. Sadly, I suffer with withdrawal symptoms and I end up having a relapse a couple of days before exams and binge watch tv series. This year is a little bit different. I went travelling!

I definitely do not recommend travelling before exams start. However, if you feel a little bit crazy and decide you want to go travelling two weeks before your exams, here is a list of ways you can ‘kill two birds with one stone’.

1.       Plan your time. Just as you would at university or at home, planning your time is essential. If you do not do this, you will realise you have spent time doing nothing productive. Even though I did not stick much to it, having a timetable was helpful as I could see what I had done and what I needed to do.

2.       Stick to your rota/ timetable/ schedule. This is not a time to be going on spontaneous random tours. You must to stick to your schedule. If not, you will feel guilty at the end of your holiday and ask “why didn’t I study?”.

3.       Come back home in time. This is a mistake I made. I travelled for over two weeks giving me little time to ‘get back into the zone’.

4.       Exercise. This is extremely helpful. Exercise keeps minds fresh and helps generate great ideas.

5.       Get enough rest when you get back. This is important because once exams start, time goes so quickly and its often tiring. If you do get enough rest, you will have more energy to tackle those questions/ problems.

After being away for some time, I would recommend travelling after exams when you have less commitments and responsibilities. On the other hand, if you do consider yourself disciplined enough, then travelling before exams would be euphoric. Apart from thinking about exams, I had an amazing time. I am just thankful my exams do not start just yet and I have revision week.

I hope everyone’s studies are going well. I hope you all do well. Do not stress, it can only get better. Remain positive and enjoy it.


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