Let’s look ahead to the exam period…

The time has come again. You know it, like you know that Varsity has as much to do with daytime drinking as it does sports. You know it like you knew Jim and Pam were meant to be. You know it like you knew that Smash Mouth were a one hit wonder. It’s time to embrace our old friend, the treacherous exam period with its selfish attitude towards exam spacing, location and general existence. That said, can it be all that hard? You’re in a good University, of course it will be. Blood, sweat, tears and no more of those vk’s – although nobody who is above first year should be drinking those luminous panda pops anyway. Anyhow…

The video is a simple one, it’s a little reminder that sitting in a dark room or contrastingly, sitting surrounded by your friends next to the Xbox is the wrong approach. These are obvious reflections but sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that you should sit up, stretch and get out for that walk before you take the next step with your Chem Project or you go twelve rounds with astrophysics. I’ve included a link to the university’s events that center on giving us students some relief. From petting zoo’s to Give it a Go, why not check out the ways in which you can reward yourself of an evening or weekend. Again, in no way is this meant to patronise the masses but rather, outline a little structure for your exam period and remind you all that a break is not a bad thing and that incentives are rather useful.

University Students Union Website:

Side note, why not check out the Student’s Union guidlines to a healthy, well managed life style at Cardiff!:


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