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Languages for All

Looking back at my time at University, something I’m really glad that I tried out is a Languages For All course. Languages for All runs alongside your main studies and offers students a choice of languages to study with a variety of flexible study options.

You can sign up to these via Sims and Languages For All offer a variety of flexible study options – meaning that you can learn in a way that works for you. I opted for the class of two hours per week, but also on offer are intense courses or an independent learning option. Whether you’re a beginner looking to try something new, or you want to improve your language abilities, Languages For All has something for you – and it’s a perfect thing to put on your CV (it shows communication and independent learning skills). Courses are held at both Cathays campus and the Heath campus (but when you get to look at the options on Sims you can see what option there are and where).

My advice is to sign up quickly – the classes don’t have many places and they’re quick to fill up, so as soon as you start getting the Languages For All emails, start having a look. The hours also count towards the Cardiff Award.

I chose to do beginners German, Monday evenings between 5-7. As well as learning new skills, I met a great group of people and it gave me something to focus on outside of my course. The workload is not very much either – we just had to do a test in class and a test on Learning Central, but these didn’t require very much revision outside of the classes. We also had to purchase a textbook – this was available in Blackwell’s on campus and on Amazon as well.

All in all, learning a language was a different experience at University and certainly gave me something to take away, including new skills. Take a look at the Languages For All website here.




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