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5 ways to make it through the exam season

So it’s come to that time of the year where the Easter holidays are nearly here and you’re excited to be finally having a break! However there is also the looming fact that exams are going to start in less than 2 months. UNLEASH PANIC MODE. Having at least finished my coursework ahead of time, I’m still very much scared about my summer exams since there’s so much to learn and I know I know it doesn’t count in 1st year and all you need is 40% but I’ve always been a high-achiever so I’ve set the bar high for myself from day 1 of university. Yes, I’ve procrastinated and fallen behind along the way but now I’ve got to get my life together.

Recently I’ve become a Cardiff University Wellbeing Champion and through training we have been taught to become more self-aware. Especially during exam season, students seem to lose their way a bit and forget anything that isn’t exam-related. So I’m here to give you some tips on how to keep yourself together and make it through exams!

1. Structure Your Revision

Don’t plan just how which subjects you’ll be revising at what time, PLAN YOUR BREAKS! Research shows that shorter 20-30 minute spells work best, because your concentration is much higher, therefore have short breaks in between your revision periods. During these breaks, you should be absolutely disconnected from your work and do whatever you want to do. I usually take a walk outside or just go on my phone and relax for a bit.

2. Be Your Own Friend

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you aren’t keeping up with your revision timetable, we are all students who are bound to procrastinate after all. You can re-plan the revision schedule to still fit everything at your own accord. When you need a break, you need a break! You don’t have to stick 100% to your timetable.

3. Track Your Mental Health 

This links to my last point on keeping yourself in check. Keep a diary to express how you’re feeling throughout the exam period. Make sure that you aren’t feeling down all the time. I saw this cool mental health table that a girl created which helps her monitor how she is feeling everyday. As you can see from the picture, every mood is a different coloured pixel so if you see that you’re having too many negative days then make sure you have time off.

4. Do the Basics

Not only should you balance your revision, you should make sure you’re doing basic things all humans do: eating, brushing your teeth, sleeping enough hours, drinking water. This may sound stupid but when exam season comes round, all these day to day events become stressors and are forgotten. Slowly your dirty laundry starts to pile up and soon enough you’ll feel not only mentally unhealthy but physically unhealthy. Make sure you also do exercise as it has been shown that exercise improves mental and of course physical health.

5. Think Positive!

At the end of the day, it’s not all about studying. There are plenty of people who did well in life without acing every single exam, or who were actually pretty useless at school and university. Your life isn’t over if you don’t ace the exams, just make sure try your best and have no ragrets 🙂

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