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Rewards of studying CHEMISTRY at university

When I was studying for my A levels, I did not know what I would study at university. One day I would want to be a lawyer, the next, a teacher. Some days I wanted to be an accountant and on others a doctor. However, when the time came for me to decide what I would study, I chose chemistry. Chemistry was one of the many subjects I enjoyed learning. It is the bridge between biology and physics after all.

Whenever I tell people I study chemistry, they say “You must be clever”. In reality, I am not clever at all. I struggle to understand many concepts and I feel like dropping out almost every single day. Then people ask why I study it. My response, because I LOVE it. I consider my relationship with chemistry as marriage. Some days I hate it, other days I’m deep in love with chemistry. I tend to spend my night dreaming of special moments and goals early pioneers achieved.

If you are reading this blog, you must be wondering what the benefits of studying chemistry are. Allow me the privilege of stimulating your passion to study CHEMISTRY.

1.       As I said before, chemistry is the bridge between biology and physics. This means you can have knowledge of everything science related. Well almost everything. For example, chemists study proteins and enzymes which most people associate with biology. We also study various branches of mechanics such as quantum and classical.  If you think biology is too boring and physics is too strenuous, study chemistry and you’ll have a great balance of the two.

2.       The experiments are amazing. If you do them right of course. One thing I love about chemistry is being in the lab and seeing abstract concepts materialise. For example, in second year, one of our modules was all about the quality of the crystals produced. Sometimes they are nice sharp needles. Other times, nice coloured crystals. It can be breath taking at times to think that you carried out an experiment and managed to make something so beautiful.  The only downside is completing lab reports but that should never put you off.

3.       Looking for a job? Chemistry degree? Hired! Employers love chemistry graduates because of how skilful they are. Studying chemistry is not easy and requires hard-work, resilience and commitment. Studying chemistry enables people to acquire a range of skills beyond what other degrees would.

4.       Opportunities to travel around the world. When studying for your degree, there are so many opportunities for you to travel abroad. For example, a year abroad, semester abroad and summer abroad. It does not stop there. When you graduate, the chances of working abroad are greater. A lot of industrial companies or chemical companies have many branches around the world. Having An accredited chemistry degree allows people to work anywhere. Imagine working in France one year and two years later you are in Dubai, I like that, do you?

5.       Your own lab coat. This is one of my favourites. Some universities do not give students their own lab coats but Cardiff do. Chemistry are very special and have “The school of Chemistry” printed on them. Wearing one makes me want to be very studious. When collecting lab coats, lab glasses and report books are also given.

6.       Your own lab equipment from second year onwards. Okay, this is the best part. When I walked into my first lab this year, we were told we now have our own cupboards stocked with glassware and necessities. Everyone was extremely happy, not because we didn’t have enough equipment in first year but because we now had our own. It felt like very soon we would have our own lab.

7.       Having an academic family. One of the reasons why I love studying Chemistry in Cardiff is because I always have someone to ask for help. Whenever I struggle with calculation problems or the tutorial, all I need to do is post it on our chemistry page and someone will help. That’s not all. Our school has an open-door policy meaning anyone can go to a lecturer’s office without a prior appointment. This is very handy when you need to ask a quick question when  do not have time to wait for an email response.

These rewards are but a few. I cannot list them all or even explain them all. One must study chemistry for themselves to understand its beauty. I will put more posts up later about more specific things.

 If you are wondering whether you should study chemistry, watch out for my next blog.



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