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Introduction // Post-Christmas Gifts // Vid #1

 Hi there guys,

My name is Joe and I am another new Insider. However, I’m off on a little tangent as a Vlogger, not a blogger, so my packaging is a little different. To be honest, when I think Vlogging I think of polished millennials with dip dyed hair, eating chicken nuggets in ‘under twenty seconds’ and make up tutorials. I can do neither of those things but I can bring you relevant news to Cardiff University and show you a little something of what you may or may not be missing out on in university life: think your varsities, your six nations, your nights out…

So, everything you need to know will be via video, not text, which for an English Literature student is a little ironic but alas, ‘show don’t tell’ applies to both so I’ll take it.

This is all a bit whirlwind so I’ve introduced myself a little more clearly in my first video as well as pinpointing what you can expect from the series as a whole – which is very little of me in front of the camera and more coverage for university events. That’s just the way I’ll be rolling.

So there we have it. Click on the youtube link and check out all this hype for Post-Christmas gifts – my first little feature! (all relevant links are in the youtube description).


** Introduction // Post-Christmas Gifts // Vid #1 **




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