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I thought I would do another post with some frequently asked questions about Cardiff University and placements.

1. Where can you go during placement year? I think I’ve answered this a couple of times already but I’ll try to give a few examples of some of my friends’ placements this time 🙂
You can pretty much go anywhere during placement year. When you’re planning placement year you will be given a list of placements that have already been set up by the university, there are absolutely loads in so many different places. You’re also able to set up your own placements by contacting anywhere that you can do something psychology related.

I’m in Leipzig, Germany, at the Max Planck Institute for Human and Cognitive Brain Sciences, my friend is also in Leipzig, at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. Another friend is at the Language and Development lab at the University of California, San Diego, one is working at the University of Mannheim in clinical psychology and psychotherapy. And another friend is working as part of the Aneurin Bevan public health team in Newbridge. As you can see you can do a massive variety of things and live in loads of different places during your placement year.

2. Is the placement course worth the extra year of study? So far I would definitely say so. It’s a great way to gain some valuable work experience as well as giving you the opportunity to live and work in a different city or country for a year. I think it’s also a really good idea if you’re slightly unsure of what you want to do,  it’s a great way to decide if the career path you’ve chosen is right for you. I’ve also heard from final year students that the skills they gained during placement year really helped them when it came to carrying out and writing up their final year projects.  Finally I think it’s a really good way to gain some confidence in yourself and your abilities, I know that I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to bring anything to my placement organisation, but I’m happy to say that I think I was wrong!

3. Is Cardiff a good city to live in I personally think Cardiff is a wonderful city for so many reasons. First of all, it’s big enough that you can always find something interesting to do, but it isn’t so big that it’s overwhelming and crowded. I really do feel that it has something for everybody too, whether you’re into good food, nights out, theatre, outdoorsy stuff etc.  I also think that is pretty cheap in terms of accommodation compared to other places in the UK and there is definitely a lot of choice when looking for second year accommodation.

4. How good at maths do I need to be to understand statistics?  I get asked this question a lot! I personally feel that I’m terrible at maths and it took me A LOT of work to get my B at GCSE, but I am coping pretty well so I really wouldn’t worry. I find it challenging at times, but there is always so much support if you’re stuck and with a little practice it’s quite easy to get your head around it.

Feel free to leave a question in the comments below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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