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Why Cardiff?

As I approach the end of my final year as a History undergraduate student here at Cardiff, I think I have a good insight into what it’s like to live in Cardiff, and study here.
Cardiff has been my home for two and a half years. And, I love it so much here, I’m planning on staying another year. There are so many things about Cardiff that have made my time here amazing.
It’s about that time of year when most students have their university offers. However, if you’re still deciding where to go, or even if you’ve got an offer from Cardiff, but you don’t know whether to accept it, hopefully this list will give you some insight into why I love it here.
1. Cardiff, the capital city of Wales
We’re a capital city, but we’re no London. And for me, that’s only a good thing. While you can end up feeling lost and overwhelmed in big cities, like London and Birmingham, Cardiff is the perfect size. Last year, it was voted the best place in the UK for young people, and that’s not an exaggeration. From rugby days, to the shopping, and really unique night life, Cardiff has it all. But we’re not too big. Some of my friends who came from cities in England couldn’t believe that people smile and say hello to each other on the street. But that’s one of the best things about Cardiff. We have the cosmopolitan feel of a capital city, without the impersonal element of London.
2. The location- it’s beautiful
Most people already know how beautiful the Welsh countryside it. But that doesn’t stop at the cities. Cardiff is surrounded by green spaces, lakes, and of course the bay. The university is close to two parks, Bute and Roath. During the summer months students can be found revising in both parks; they are truly gorgeous, and a little bit of lovely right in the heart of the city.
3. Russell Group University
Okay, you’ve heard it all before. BUT it is a really important selling point for Cardiff University. We’re the only university in Wales that’s in the Russell Group. And to top it off, last year Cardiff University’s research was ranked FIFTH in the UK! So you’ll be studying in one of the very best universities in the UK, and you’ll be in Wales… what could be better!?
4. There’s so much to do
Cardiff is a truly historic city. Cardiff Castle is set in Bute Park, and for just £5 students can get in for free for three years! That’s a pretty good deal. Last summer it even became an outdoor cinema. You could be watching Back to the Future in the grounds of Cardiff Castle- stunning!
5. The Shops and restaurants…
One of my favourite bits about Cardiff is the shopping. We’ve got everything you could need, from designer shops, to kitsch independent shops tucked away in the Victorian arcades. The Victorian arcades are unbelievable. They’re an endless maze of independent shops, like the wonderful Café Barker, and Spillers Records (incidentally the oldest record shop in the world!) When Christmas time arrives, there’s no better place for shopping
6. Match day in Cardiff
Nothing beats rugby, especially Welsh rugby. The buzz around the city during the Six Nations is amazing. I mean, a giant rugby ball crashed into Cardiff Castle last year, what could be better!? Any true rugby fan knows there’s no better place to watch the rugby!


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