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The second year Psychology students hoping to do placement next year are all currently prepping for, or taking part in interviews for their chosen placements. I’ve heard loads of different pieces of advice get passed around about what to do in preparation for your interview so I’ve tried to make a list of a few tips to keep in mind!

1. Take a look over your CV and Cover Letter before your interview. You can usually guess a couple of the questions they might ask you by looking over what you’ve said!
2. Be polite! It seems obvious but it’s worth mentioning as when you get stressed it can be really easy to forget to say thank you!
3. If it’s over the phone or on Skype try squeezing a stress ball throughout, it sounds silly but it’s really helpful if your a panicker!
4. Ask questions at the end! Depending on what the interview is for this could be ‘Could you tell me about your current research?’  or something like ‘What kind of projects do you have running at the moment?’
5. Do your homework. Make sure you know as much as possible about the job. Ideally it should be something you’re interested in so you should hopefully already have some background knowledge. The more you know the better!
6. Don’t waffle!
7. If you don’t understand the question just tell them! Don’t try to blag your way through it.
8. Don’t panic if you don’t know the answer. Especially if you’re in an interview for a placement. Saying that you’re still trying to find that out or that you’re still learning is better than trying to answer when you have no clue.
9. Have some water to hand if your having an interview over the phone. It’s important that they can understand you without any facial clues!
10. Smile! It can be easy to let nerves take over and just focus on the answers. But make sure you smile! Even over the phone, it’ll make you sound more upbeat and enthusiastic.
11.  Be confident (but not too overconfident, you don’t want to come across as arrogant!).

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