Money saving at university

Very sorry for the late blog again! I was trying to focus on revision, now that it’s out of the way for another semester I thought I’d talk about another stressful topic. Money. I was thinking about how I managed to stretch my student loan and I thought I would give you guys some tips so you don’t have to worry too much when you get to uni 🙂

1. Keep track of your money. I spent the whole first semester of University writing down how much money I spent that day. First of all it’s a great way to make sure you stay under budget but it also helps you learn and remember how expensive little things can be (when you add the £5 you spent on coffee everyday it seems like a better idea to get a flask and make it at home!).
2. It can be tempting to shop at the nearest supermarket but it might end up being way more expensive than if you were to shop elsewhere. Doing your food shop online might actually be cheaper if you don’t live close to a more budget friendly shop! Going to Cardiff Market can also be good for getting cheap and local food!
3. If you go out shopping or drinking it might be a good idea to leave your card at home. Take out the amount of money you can spend that day and don’t allow yourself to go overboard. Drunk you is great at persuading you to spend that extra £20. (With Cardiff University you can use Dragon Taxis and pay them the next day instead, if you show them your Cardiff University card).
4. Make loads of food at once and freeze it. Not only can this work out cheaper but it also saves loads of time. Soup is a great thing to make as it’s relatively easy to do and you can make it on a very small budget (when Halloween comes around save the pumpkin flesh and make pumpkin soup!).
5. Charity Shops! I know it’s nice getting new clothes but you can really find some great things in charity shops for extremely cheap. Another bonus is that the money obviously goes to charity 🙂 You can also get plenty of other things from charity shops, for example I got 20 candles for 50p aha!
6. Bulk buying some items can also work out cheaper, you can do this online or from specialist shops.
7. Take advantage of freebies! Being a student means that people will often through deals and freebies at you. Make sure you don’t pass these up. Sometimes you can get some really great deals.
8. Similarly make sure you ask if shops do student discount. A lot of shops don’t advertise it but will give you some money off if you’re a student.

I hope these help when you’re trying to save money! They’ve defiantly helped me 🙂 Please message me on Facebook or Tweet me if you have any questions!


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