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A Week of All Things Welsh

As a third year, I am insanely busy right now. I’m doing a Masters so it’s not final year, but studying has suddenly got so much more… Intense. Obviously, this is also the year that I have finally started to explore properly, allowing myself to get involved with many different things. Mostly Welsh things. Oh the irony.

One of the many things I have been discovering (rediscovering, really) is the proximity of the marvellous Welsh Millennium Centre. It’s huge, and a professional stage practically on my doorstep. Well, a 50 minute walk away, but that’s close in a big city!
My housemate Parma and I (side note- I have changed housemates. Angry, Sneezy and I are still together but we’ve lost three and gained Parma instead) decided to take advantage of this, and went to see Broadway to the Bay last Sunday, a celebration of 10 years of the Welsh Millennium Centre. All the performers were Welsh, and they sang a range of songs from different musicals. As a lover of musicals and pretend-Welsh person, this was brilliant. Also, KERRY ELLIS. ON STAGE. SINGING DEFYING GRAVITY. Anyway, we went. It was phenomenal. Not only have I never heard that many musicals in one evening, the singing was amazing, the production was great, and I had a wonderful time with Parma. We also got treated to a flash mob of Les Mis…

Welsh Les Mis Flash Mob!

… Which inspired us to buy tickets for it and see it last Thursday. It was.. Just wow. I love Les Mis, and the last time I saw it with my sister when I had a double ear infection so actually being able to hear it was a novelty. It was also truly inspiring- it was a school production and it made me feel a bit incompetent as all these people several years younger than me were performing so beautifully.. And I can sort of cook and occasionally solve complicated equations. It was great. It was also completely in Welsh so despite being able to hear it I didn’t understand a word. It did however bring home to me just how much of the music I know off by heart… And how well I know Les Mis because it did not detract from the production at all. I still knew what was happening and enjoyed every minute of it! Thanks Parma for suggesting it 🙂

The other Welsh thing I’ve been doing is that Parma and I have also been watching Y Gwyll (“uh gwichl” note: Parma has made me change the pronunciation of this three times now. Thanks Parma), a Welsh language detective tv programme. It’s broadcast on S4C and we’ve been watching it on catch up with subtitles (because we don’t have a tv licence and we are dutiful citizens. Also the subtitles are better on catch up). It’s really good, but slightly unfortunate because we can’t pay attention to it with half an ear as neither of us actually understand Welsh… Although Parma is attending Welsh lessons at the moment, so she’s doing better than me! I am really enjoying it- it’s set in Aberystwyth, and there’s intrigue and drama and good looking detectives- everything that’s needed for a great murder mystery 😉

So.. Freshers and graduates and everyone in between- take advantage of your student status. Go and see the things you want to see in a theatre near you, explore the cities and get involved. Watch things in a different language because you can. And most of all.. Enjoy 🙂


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