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It’s only science if you write it down..

Hello all! I hope everyone is having a great summer, enjoying the warm (ish) weather and spending as much time as possible doing things other than studying and/or working.

Since breaking up for the summer in June, I have discovered several things. Firstly, I really, really enjoy cooking. Really enjoy it. Secondly, I am an extremely messy cook. I have to clean the kitchen after every meal, because otherwise there is food everywhere (how did that rice get under there?!). Thirdly, I miss Physics. I miss studying and experimenting and all my Physics friends. Which brings me on to an important point…

It is only science if you write it down.
Immortalised by, I think, Mythbusters (taken from the Scientific Method, a form of logic that involves hypothesising, experimenting and concluding based on the experiments) this is a very important feature of all forms of experimentation. This includes all culinary experiments, especially the ones that I have been enacting, so I would like to share some conclusions that I have come to whilst conducting these vital culinary investigations.

Culinary Investigation Number 1: Gluten free Dairy free Ice Cream
First Experiment: Banana and peanut butter
Conclusions: very icy, lots of banana chunks, unsuitable for digestion.
Second Experiment: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and Butterscotch surprise
Conclusions: Chocolate is not dairy free and this has consequences. Do not repeat.

Culinary Investigation Number 2:  Stir fry
First Experiment: Lamb with scallions
Conclusions: If you forget to add an ingredient, do not just tip it in later thinking it will be fine. Teeth were clued together post cornstarch addition, required much toothpaste to remove. Also, measurements are not just for decoration.

Culinary Investigation Number 3: Chicken Chow Mein
Conclusions: dry frying is not appropriate without proper ventilation. Fire alarms cannot be disabled, and standing under them waving a tea towel shouting “please stop, we’re not on fire”  is not the most effective method for dissipating the resulting smoke.


Most (if not all) of these experiments can be viewed on my Instagram (in the sidebar! Take a look :)). The great advantage of the scientific method is that you can now learn from my mistakes… So please, cook responsibly!


*If anyone is interested, I’ve also been cooking with the SSAGS Camp Cook Book (you need to either log in or create a temporary account if you’re not already a student here) which is the SSAGS fundraiser this year. We’re raising money for Ty Hafan, the Welsh Children’s Hospice, and to replace tents and send people to international camps.*


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