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Here we are,

The last month of university life has arrived. Yet the only nostalgia I am feeling is the worrying turmoil of examination anxiety.

I always told myself that exam pressure would get less and less each year because you just get used to it! Nope, sorry to disappoint. I know everyone is different and all but I seem to only be getting worse as I progress. But saying that, today after exam numero uno, of 4 the finish line has finally appeared in my distance.

Excitement is brewing. For a moment I forgot about the other three exams… only for a moment though. Anyway, I have dragged myself from the depths of revision to update you on uni life once more so I best make it interesting. This time I have to talk a little about my course and my advice on getting started in the Engineering School.

First and foremost on the far end of the “campus” borders (nb. not a campus uni). It is a maze in Queen’s Building (or buildings as there is like 5..6 I don’t even know anymore). Engineering is shared across a handful of buildings with computer science, physics… and a few others. So don’t expect to know where you are going for the first year or two. I find just following people you recognise normally pays off.

The course? I am not even going to talk about it. It changes all the time and so I doubt anything I say will have much foundation on your experience. Also you should know the course by now if you are looking at studying here right?!?! (I didn’t think it necessary either don’t worry).

More important than what you study is probably who are you going to drink with! or the other social things that students do that aren’t drinking. So my advice is join ENGIN. Engin till I die!! The football/rugby/netball teams are all compulsory in my guide I am afraid. they are the key to your first bit of insight into the years to come. If you ask, you shall receive, and by this I mean old exam papers, coursework drafts and even what to choose for your modules if you are unsure (or what not to pick at least). I have been in the  Engin football team since day 1 and it is the only commitment I haven’t dropped for more revision time. Showing just how important it sits in my priorities.

ENGIN F.C classiest in Cardiff

But seriously even if it isn’t ENGIN (although I highly recommend it) join something!

Visit the  careers advisor. I now it sounds boring in comparison to the almighty football team but the Engineering careers advisor is literally there for you, free, to find you a job. Is that not why you are going to university? I have probably mentioned before in an old post but internships are so so so useful. I didn’t get even a summer placement till third year and I kick myself now. Its paid and its experience and it nearly always ends up in more internships, or even a job offer at the end. Just get off your butt and sort one out.

I know I said I wouldn’t talk about the course, well just a little hint. Pick your modules and project titles wisely. They aren’t just for Christmas. They are for a whole 3/4 months. But honestly if you pick something that doesn’t interest you it is ten times harder to learn it, then revise it, then revise it more, then read around the subject, then revise it again. Trust me!.. and although it shouldn’t be so, some lecturers ARE worse than others, so check that out too.

School of Engineering

Finally. Engineering or not. Don’t work toooooo hard. I mean obviously work hard. But now I am coming to the end of the four years, I am realising that it is coming to an end way faster than I ever thought. I have done plenty but there is a million and one things I still haven’t done. So get out there. Or else.



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