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Video Blog – Toby talks Societies

Last Thursday I attended the annual Journalism Ball as a result of my membership to the Journalism society, and I can honestly say that it was one of the best nights out of my life. All three year groups from the school of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies were represented (as well as a selection of lecturers) and it was fantastic to see every one come together to celebrate yet another academic year drawing to a close.

It was particularly poignant for the current third years given that it was their last “big event”, but even though I’ve just only passed the half way point in my University “career”, it forced me to reflect on a period of my life that is going far too fast. Thursday stuck in the memory not only because it gave me an excuse to put on a tuxedo, but it also allowed me to socialise with people who I share a lecture theatre with week in, week out, but rarely get the chance to get to know.

Or maybe it was because I was lucky enough to win two awards. Who knows? Enjoy the vlog.

Toby x


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