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Why Cardiff is actually the best uni out there…

Ok so the title of my latest blog may sound like just another piece of biased uni propaganda, but bear with me. I came to this profound  conclusion over the past few weeks whilst i’ve been mourning my soon to be over uni life. And it just got me thinking just how great my time here at Cardiff has been. As well as being a Russell Group uni (a pleasant piece of information I only learned about once I was here) and being ranked 5th nationally for research, Cardiff has got some other cracking things going for it.

1). Award winning students union- Solus has had a million pound brand spanking new revamp and has everything a student could possibly ever want or need, including the best salad bar going! It’s also been renamed to something that nobody can really pronounce (Y Plas), but thats all part of the fun! Is also home to the best fun on a Wednesday night- the Legendary Lash (it will never be YOLO) all within stumbling distance of our lovely Cathays.

2). Award winning student media- This lot have got it covered- if it’s happening on campus then they’ll know about it! Xpress Radio the in campus radio station have come 3rd nationally in the student radio awards in recent years so they know their stuff. The TV station, Gair Rhydd & Quench are all great media outlets for students to get involved with and have guest speakers and industry experts to speak regularly, to give advice to students about getting into the industry after uni.

3). Really really useful careers service- For some reason people don’t really know much about the service or take advantage of all it has to offer. Each school has a dedicated careers advisor to help you with applying for internships and preparing you for the job market after uni. Cardiff’s got really good networks with all the top graduate employers too, as well as excellent industry connections.

4). Rent that costs about half as much as in Bristol and a third of that of London- You just wouldn’t be able to find a nice student house in either location for £285…fact!

5). Common cold centre to become a guinea pig for clinical trials- This is perfect for students like myself who don’t mind lending my cold ridden self in exchange for a bit of extra cash. I got £70 for spraying some seaweed spray up my nose and £170 for taking some herbal cold remedy tablets for a couple of months, easy!

6). Amazing optometry clinic- All students and members of the public can benefit from free eye examinations and contact lens fittings and trials. Plus you get to help the optometry students out with their degrees too.

7). The Cardiff Award- A genuinely useful employability award that prepares you properly for applying for jobs. One of the most useful extra-curricular things i’ve done with my time at Cardiff, and how i got my job with of the biggest graduate recruiters in 2nd year.

8). Magic Wrap- Needs no introduction! Basically a Cardiff uni institution, a healthy wrap stuffed with pretty much whatever you want! A guilt free hangover cure.

9). Cathays train station- Makes that long journey back home more bearable by being just a stones throw away from the SU. Also really useful for trips to the Bay when the weather decides to play ball.

10). Everything is within a 15 minute radius- None of my friends at other uni’s can say they’ve never had to use public transport or have a car whilst at uni. My lectures are a 10 minute walk away and town is a mere 15 minute stroll away. The only exception to this is getting a train to work in Cardiff Bay which takes a whole 6 mins!

Cardiff Uni really has got it all, and i’ve just had the best time ever whilst being here. It’s got some fantastic facilities that are available to every single student, so if you do end up coming here, i can promise that you’ll have the time of your life!


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