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Exciting things that I discovered in Second Year

As a not very adventurous and shy first year, I did not really investigate Cardiff very much, and mostly socialised with SSAGS- my fellow Scouts and Guides. However, now I am a slightly more adventurous second year, I have started discovering some of the more exciting hidey holes and student deals around.

One of my favourite and most exciting things that I have discovered is the existence of the student kitchen in the Students Union. On the third floor of the SU is the Lounge, the no-alcohol study and chill out zone. I went in there maybe twice last year, but have spent considerably more time in there this year. With comfy study cubby holes and Skype booths, sofas and two large screen TVs broadcasting BBC One all day long, it’s already a pretty cool place. Right in the middle of the Lounge, however, is the thing that makes it even more amazing: the kitchen. It’s equipped with a microwave, a sink and fake cupboards, but being able to warm up your dinner when you’ve been studying for hours is an exciting thought.

The second exciting thing that I have discovered is the fun that is dinner parties in one’s own house. Okay, so having 12 people for a murder mystery for my birthday was one of my more ambitious ideas, but cooking curry for 12 is fine (although I did have another rice disaster.. I think I’m just destined to burn the rice!). I have now had a grand total of three dinner parties- one for my birthday, one for a Physics catch up with Physicists in different years, and an impromptu one the other day with my housemate. We’ve had other ones- house dinner parties are the best, even with our house’s impressive collection of allergies..

The third exciting thing I have discovered is the all-day deal on Thursdays at the Woodville pub- two cocktails for £6. It’s a good deal, and they are very good cocktails.. As you might see from my Instagram feed, they look good. And they definitely tasted as good as they looked!
Except maybe the Butter and Orange Man, which tasted like lost dreams and failure. It had a funny aftertaste.

It’s such a shame that I have afternoon lectures on a Thursday..!



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