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I’m currently writing this, physically exhausted after one of the most amazing weekends of my life at Glastonbury Festival. Arriving back home at 4am, today has been somewhat of a struggle, and tomorrow I’m driving down to Cardiff to get the last of my stuff out of my house… I’m sort of dreading it as I still don’t think I’ll be recovered, so have compiled a checklist of everything I need to remember to do, and bring.

1. Bring Boxes

There’s nothing worse than trying to get all your stuff into a car without sufficient storage. Boxes are the most ideal way to pack things up in a tidy manner. They can be free too! I tend to go to the local supermarket and ask them as they always have loads of cardboard boxes stored away out back they don’t mind handing out.

2. Transfer to New House

On the subject of moving stuff.. let’s face it. We don’t exactly what a ton of boxes filled with kitchenware, duvets and computer chairs in our cars, and we don’t think our parents want it cluttering the family home either. Ask your landlord or letting agency if there’s any way that you can store your things in your new house over the summer. Our landlord has kindly allowed us to do that, meaning I don’t have to attempt to navigate an Ikea chest of draws in my tiny Peugeot.

3. Tax Redemption Certificates

The boring part, but so, so vital. The university provide tax redemption certificates proving your student status thus ensuring you don’t have to pay council tax. You can request these via SIMS, but make sure you keep a hold of them because otherwise council tax is a helluva lot of money!

4. Bills, bills, bills

The bane of our lives.. and extremely expensive. MAKE SURE YOU CANCEL THEM. Broadband, gas, electricity, water. Make sure ALL your providers know that you’re leaving the house, and that any outstanding bills are paid off. With gas and electricity make sure you also take a final meter reading before you leave the house so to get the best bill balance (nobody wants to pay for energy they haven’t been using!)

5. Cleaning checklist

Not getting deposits back is one of the scariest thoughts possible. Forking out a ton of money at the start of the year in a deposit or bond is pretty depressing but made all the more better by the thought of it returning into your bank account just before the summer really starts. Therefore, MAKE SURE IT’S CLEAN. Let’s face it, some of the scary tales and myths surrounding landlords can scare any of us student tenants, and some agencies and landlords can be VERY strict. Normally at the start of the year, your landlord will give you a checklist of things they expect. The best thing to do is go through that checklist and ensure everything is completely fulfilled on it from cleanliness, to mould removal, to wall stains. Remember however, a lived in house is bound to experience so wear and tear, so if there’s an unfair charge that you don’t think’s right, there are legalities which allow you to dispute that – so don’t take no for an answer!

6. Getting Rid

You don’t have to take EVERYTHING home, and for a lot of people, it may be their last year or they’re about to do a year abroad. If that’s the case, think about donating your kitchenware attempts to things like the SU sale they have at the start of the year, or the local charity shop. The same with clothes, or food.. their are plenty of homeless shelters in Cardiff that would love to have all your spare tinned goods you didn’t get the chance to eat!

7. KEYS! 

Make sure you hand in all sets of keys (and spares!!).. but that’s a given, right?

What else do you think we need to add to the ultimate checklist?


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