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How to throw a good (and legal) house party at university!

One of the huge benefits of moving into a student house, is being able to host your very own, sophisticated party, that makes you feel more like an adult than your sixteen birthday bash where your mate threw up his WKD in the toilet ever did. Mum wasn’t happy the next day…

Here are my key tips, and from experience!

1. Don’t make it an open invite. 

Nothing worse, than asking everyone and anyone. Being a house of seven means you’re more than likely to have seven separate groups of friends, so seven times the amount of people to invite. Limit it. Make a Facebook group but keep it private, and no matter how much you think you’ll be able to do it, you will NOT be able to fit fifty+ people in your tiny living room, trust me.

2. Have a good set of speakers

With all the amazing clubs and bars in Cardiff, it’d probably have been a long time since you’ve had a house party. I know you’ll never be able to find speakers as good the ones Revs/Glam/Retro etc. etc. has to offer, but you’ll need a good set to rival anything you’re used to. Preferably waterproof and too big to nick?

3. Don’t play overly dramatic drum and bass music, it will result in a dangerous mosh pit

Most layouts of student houses are cramped and narrow, meaning that you won’t have a great deal of space to dance. I mean, if you do, go ahead, but in our experience, it was more of a sing wildly, meet new people kind of affair.

4. Be nice to your neighbours

Although most of your neighbours will be fellow students, you can’t forget that there are residents that have been living there for years before you. Our first house party experience resulted in a not-so-happy neighbour banging our door down to complain. But we learnt our lesson. The next day we went round to apologise and the next time we had one, we popped a note through their door, just to let them know we were. They’ve been happy with our shenanigans ever since. Also don’t throw stuff into neighbours gardens, it’s really not funny and gets on a lot of people’s nerves, including your own!

5. Choose to go out afterwards

It’ll get to a point in the night where people may fancy getting a bit more animated, if so, make plans to go out clubbing at around midnight afterwards, and treat your house party and one huge, and rather loud pre-drink. It won’t only relieve you of stress (and your neighbours!) but it means you won’t have to worry about kicking strays out when you’re all partied out. There are loads of club reps mingling about that’d be happy to come to your house when the party is in full swing to sell tickets there on the spot. Which means you’ll be very popular, and the rep would really appreciate you!

6. Play games! 

Everyone loves a good drinking game, whether it’s ‘Never Ever’ or ‘Ring of Fire.’ But get even more creative with a team bonding drinking sesh with things like Beer Pong. It also gets incredibly competitive (Warning: Doing it with wine is not a good idea.)

7.  Do it professionally, and in style

Companies like Lakehouse come and deck your place out for a house party of a lifetime. Yep! They come and deck your house out with incredible speakers, lights, emerging DJ’s AND special sound-proof padding and waterproof floors to ensure you’re the only people your party can hear, and once they leave, it’ll look spick and span!


What would you say was the perfect house party tips? Let me add to this list!



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