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Cardiff University Psychology Society

Hi all!

So I thought I’d do a little spotlight on something that has played a major role in my life over the past couple of months: PsyCardiff – The Psychology Society. I’m sure all of you know the deal with societies…they’re run by students for students. They put on events, have crazy socials, and generally bring people together…all the classic stuff. For all those coming to uni next year, and those thinking about maybe getting more involved with a society next year, I thought I’d just let you know how much fun it can be 🙂

How did I get into it? I actually joined the committee in my first year as a Fresher’s rep. This meant that I was the point of contact between the society and all first years. This included doing the highly embarrassing task of standing up in front of 200-odd hung over students before the start of a ridiculously early 10am lecture and shout out in a voice similar to those you hear on QVC about up coming events that month. Yes – I was one of those people. However, it was all worth it to get to where I am now.

Being on a committee is Awesome! Without wanting to sound too clichéd, both last year and this year, has taught me so much about the whole being organised thing. It is overwhelming what needs to be done by one group of people for the benefit of others (namely their members). For example in order to get ready for Fresher’s week, committees often meet before summer to discuss what needs to get done. In our case, this included contacting and then organising for various people in different areas of psychology to come in and give academic talks, contacting multiple organisations in town as to who can offer the best deals for student socials, designing logos, organising hoodies, arranging large-scale trips to conferences across the country, holding various meetings with members of academic staff, writing and formatting our monthly newsletter….the list is endless!

But for me, the best part of it all, is when you see the product of all the teams hard work:

Our first ‘white t-shirt’ social for example, ended up being the largest turnout to a PsyCardiff social EVER, with the final number totalling 170! We booked out a room in the union’s nightclub and set up classic games such as beerpong and GIANT twister – which provided much hilarity, let me assure you! A free buffet was provided and free alcohol for everyone who attended 😀 AND on top of all of this, we had two stunning live acoustic acts doing epic covers of hits such as ‘titanium’ and ‘too close’. What more could you ask for?


Another successful, (non-alcoholic!) related event PsyCardiff have recently hosted is the annual PsyCardiff vs PsyProfessors Ultimate Frisbee showdown. It’s pretty much what it says on the tin: a group of students getting owned 12-1 by staff (even though students outnumbered staff 3 to 1!) in Bute park on a typically Welsh overcast day and getting absolutely covered in mud! So. Much. Fun! And if that wasn’t enough there was free pizza… massive pizza – and when I say massive, I mean massive – 18″ x 24″. That’s bigger than the size of A2 paper! …now imagine four of them 🙂 yum!

PsyCardiff – Staff vs Student Ultimate Frisbee Showdown

So right now we’re in the process of organising a rematch against the staff in something along the lines of laser tag or bowling – something we are guaranteed to win! On top of that we have the next social, (including more free alcohol: shots AND champagne) themed ‘What I want to be when I grow up’. A dragon or a penguin is very high on the cards right now… However, I am open to suggestions… 🙂 Tickets are on sale now if anyone is interested in coming along and joining us, we’d love to meet you!

Second Social PsyCardiff Fb Event

So, for all those prospective students out there, hopefully i’ll be seeing you showing those lecturers how it’s done next year! For those already here and wanting to get involved in PsyCardiff’s activities, check out our newsletter below

PsyCardiff Newsletter: Movember edition

So now that I’ve bombarded you with information, I should probably let you go!

See you soon



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    Thanks 🙂
    you’ve made an old cynic curious; glad I read your blog.

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