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Playing netball at Cardiff University!

Hello once again!

So now it’s week 4, so the realisation of being in third year is really hitting home, I mean, I’ve got a reading week which starts at the end of next week which means a) the term in officially half way through, and b) I’m expected to have made some decent progress with my dissertation as well as my other modules. For anyone who is reading this, perhaps deliberating about whether to come to university, seriously come, it’s great! It may sound like I have a lot of work on at the moment, but that’s just that way of the world if you’re in third year unfortunately! What does help though is that I’m really enjoying the modules I’ve chosen, I’m currently studying German Aesthetics which is basically like the philosophy of art, this may sound a little dull on the surface, but it’s actually really incredible how much art has an influence on our society, and vice versa!

Anyway, I’m not going to bore you all with Philosophy talk as I promised you last week that I’d tell you about my netball team and the notorious netball socials! Let me first tell you that I play IMG netball which means I play for my academic department which is called ENCAP (English, Communication and Philosophy) so rather than play teams from other universities, we play matches against opposing departments, such as the Maths department or the Medics, you get the idea. After the match is over, we all go out and either celebrate or commiserate the match, and I’ll tell you here and now, it all gets a bit crazy! We’re not sure whether it’s the adrenalin rushing round in your body, or the fact that you may be on a high if you’ve won the match, or even if it’s the outrageous amount of GIRL POWER you feel, everyone just goes a bit mad on the socials.

This year I’m a social secretary for my netball team which means I lead the socials for the team, and get the honor of deciding themes for fancy dress, drinking games, and where we go on nights out. Last week we had a 60’s themed social, so girls were turning up in massive hippy trousers, John Lennon glasses, brown and orange psychedelic dresses, and sporting so many peace signs you thought you were seeing double. We had a fantastic night, we danced to ‘Twist and Shout’ by The Beatles, ‘ABC’ by the Jackson Five, and so many great classics that for a minute you forgot you were in 2012! So whats so crazy you must think? Well let me just say it’s extremely hard to describe the dancing, behavior and general feeling of a netball social. Imagine that how you would act if you scored the winning goal for England in the World Cup and then decided to go out and celebrate..well I can only really leave it to your imagination really, but let me say one thing: it’s OUTRAGEOUS.

So as well as going to netball practice, planning netball socials, doing work, and seeing my friends, what else have I done this week? Well I went and watched my friend run the Cardiff Half Marathon last weekend which was very inspiring, I think I might give that a go next year. I also applied to do some volunteering work after I finish my degree so we’ll see how that goes (hopefully I’ll be accepted, I’ll keep you updated though) and finally, I cooked up a storm in the kitchen for my house mates with a good old Sunday Roast.

Got to dash now, I’ve got a netball match to play! (It’s against the University’s Navy Unit which is a little frightening, but hopefully we’ll win!) Tune in next week and I’ll update you on the dissertation situation, as well as tell you what it’s like to live in a house where you have to pay bills, put out your rubbish on the right day of the week and look after yourself like a proper human being! eek! Over and out! x



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