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Fire Alarm

Hi everyone, so I’m writing this at 3.30 in the morning. Why am I still up at this time? Well the fire alarm went of at 3am! I was having a lovely sleep when I got woken up by the bright flashing of the fire alarm. So I then had to go outside in my PJs with crazy bed head hair. I looked awful! Although it could have been a lot worse, there was one guy outside who was only wearing a towel! – I hope the fire alarm never goes of when I’m in the shower :p . So after standing outside for 15 minutes the security guards finally let us go back in. Unfortunately standing outside for this long in the cold woke me up, so now I can’t get back to sleep grr. I hope we don’t get many more occasions this year where the fire alarm goes of early hours in the morning. On the plus side at least I remembered to take my keys with me this time so I could get back into my flat.


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