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RemakerSpace leads green revolution

12 July 2021

A new centre dedicated to repair, reuse and recycling will make its home in sbarc | spark,  Cardiff University’s new #HomeofInnovation.

RemakerSpace is Wales’ first not-for-profit academia/industry centre focused on the circular economy, remanufacturing and sustainable material use.

A community and business engagement initiative, RemakerSpace is funded by the Welsh Government with support from Cardiff University and global transport and logistics provider DSV; supporting product life cycle extension and an end to planned product obsolescence.

Professor Aris Syntetos, the Director of RemakerSpace and the Chair of the PARC Institute of Manufacturing, Logistics, and Inventory; spoke with Business News Wales, to outline the centre’s important contributions to the Welsh Government’s ambitious green transformation targets and the inspiration this can provide to Welsh Businesses.

When RemakerSpace opens in sbarc | spark this winter, it will aim to change fundamental attitudes in the way we design, consume, and dispose of our products; aligning with the Welsh Government’s mission to transform the country into a circular economy and to develop a zero waste, net zero carbon Wales.

Professor Syntetos spoke to Business News Wales about RemakerSpace’s important contributions to Wales’s radical transformation to the circular economy:

“What is particularly exciting for us as academics is that the RemakerSpace has been the outcome from some of our own fundamental research that we have conducted at the Cardiff Business School. This research [investigates] two very important areas: Closed Loop Remanufacturing Supply Chains and Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing in particular) Enabled Supply Chains. It has actually been through bringing these separate strands together that we have been able to imagine, and now realise the RemakerSpace [at sbarc | spark].”

Dr Dan Eyers of Cardiff University is also a Co-Director of the Centre and collaborates with Professor Syntetos to help deliver RemakerSpace’s technological innovations. Additionally, logistics experts at DSV are providing strategic guidance and operational support to this exciting new venture.

Julie James, the new Welsh Minister for Climate Change, welcomed the announcement that Remakerspace would be joining sbarc| spark at the end of the year in a previous article here.

You can listen to the full audio interview with Aris Syntetos below:

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