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Graduate Business aids local SMEs through pandemic

4 November 2020

Steph Locke (BA 2008), a Cardiff University Philosophy graduate founded Nightingale HQ, a digital platform for Artificial Intelligence (AI) adoption in 2018. Named with inspiration from Crimean War nurse Florence Nightingale, Steph set out to make a positive impact on local businesses, aiding their AI Readiness and giving them the tools to grow, drive success and innovate.

The business model has seen some changes, with the significant challenges of Brexit to the UK’s inward investment market and the global Covid-19 crisis, however, the key idea remains the same. Steph guides us through their journey below.

‘With the help of an Innovate UK grant, we launched GoSmarter in September 2020. This project developed an AI and automation toolbox of 6 tools, which we made freely available for all SMEs across the UK. The project encapsulates our core business value which is to empower businesses by helping them adopt AI and automation. We firmly believe that these capabilities are not just for the big players, so this project was a great chance for us to help put automation and AI in the hands of smaller to medium sized businesses.’

“The pandemic has created a valuable change in mindset towards AI, with a much greater focus now on using it to enhance customer service and increase productivity. Companies of all sizes are becoming more aware that AI can help them scale, innovate and become more agile.”

“As the UK begins to emerge from the pandemic and businesses look to rebuild and reinforce their processes, Nightingale HQ will focus on helping manufacturers to innovate through AI. “

“We want to help manufacturers all over the UK to save money and innovate faster by building digital and AI capabilities. Our marketplace of AI and automation products and services will help them to get the right upskilling, expertise, and the tools to do this. The start-up is already up and running with customers using prototypes and we are keen to get more manufacturers involved in this testing phase.”

“Our platform helps manufacturers save money and innovate faster than their competition through strategy tools, online courses, and a marketplace of AI and automation products and services. Using this AI ecosystem, manufacturers can master key concepts and connect with our vetted partners to deliver custom solutions that quickly deliver real value.”

With an uncertain future ahead, Nightingale UK Is helping SMEs to weather the storm.