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Public Understanding of Science

SEE Down Under…

Posted on 7 November 2014 by Robert Evans

Darrin Durant (University of Melbourne) teaches a 3rd year course on science and society that includes the SEE literature as part of a wider discussion of expertise and politics. One […]

Hawk-Eye article in The Conversation

Posted on 2 January 2014 by Robert Evans

An article by Harry Collins about the Hawk-Eye line-calling system has just been published in ''The Conversation.' The article summarises the analysis published in peer-reviewed journals and highlights the benefits […]

Exploring Museum Expertise

Posted on 25 November 2013 by Robert Evans

Rob Evans has just returned from the Univeristy of Tromso, where he was an invited keynote speaker at the Exploring Museum Expertise Conference. The conference was organised by the University […]

Hawk-Eye and the Public Understanding of Science

Posted on 15 November 2013 by Robert Evans

A recent column by Carl Bialik has re-opened the debate about the role of technologies in supporting umpires and referees and the extent to which this has a role to […]