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Masquerade is a quick, fun introduction to the imitation game.

Two players share a trait (for example both are male, or both sports fans or both have the same profession) while the third player does not (for example she is a woman, does not follow any team, or works in a different job). One of the two players that shares the trait becomes the judge and must question the others to identify the pretender.

Based on a Victorian parlour game adapted by Alan Turing for his ‘Turing Test’ for artificial intelligence and developed from cutting edge social science research at Cardiff University, this simple game of ‘spot the pretender’ is more subtle than you think.

Masquerade has three modes of play:

  • a tutorial with a few sample questions and answers
  • a single round game where a judge asks questions to try to identify the pretender
  • a three player, three-round game where you compete against your friends to identify the pretender and play a pretend role yourself

Masquerade can be played by either three players sharing one device or between three separate devices over the Internet.

Known issues:

  • Android (Masquerade 1.1 now supports v2.2, 2.3, 4 and above) : no know issues.
  • iOS 5 and above: no known issues.

Revision history:

  • Support for network play added.
  • Female answer copy corrected
  • Typo corrected
  • Quitting game when help panel is open does not leave help window open
  • Review Screen display bug fixed for Android 2.2 & 2.3
  • Graphic bug fixed on Game Over screen on Android 2.2 & 2.3
  • Quick pressing on guess button does not automatically select the underlying option
  • Paragraph formatting now supported for questions and answers
  • Questions now in lower and upper case on reveal screen