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Knowledge, Expertise and Science (KES)

The Centre of the Study of Knowledge, Expertise and Science (KES) is a research group based in the Cardiff School of Social Sciences. The group is convened by Professor Harry Collins and includes a researchers and scholars from across the social sciences and humanities who have an interest in the nature of expertise.

KES meets most weeks for an informal seminar where presentations might include anything from draft papers and research proposals to rehearsals of conference presentations or discussions of new books or journal articles. Members of KES share an affinity with the field of Science and Technology Studies (STS) but also reflect the diversity of that field. The Third Wave/Studies of Expertise and Experience approach to STS is obviously an important part of what we do but work that adopts other approaches to STS is a regular feature of the KESS programme. Details of forthcoming seminars are posted on the blog.

KES also provides a home for PhD students in STS and new applications are always welcome. Given the range of interests with the School of Social Sciences, we can supervise a wide variety of topics and approaches. Interested candidates should browse the staff pages to identify particular supervisors and then follow the application procedure for postgraduate research students.