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4S Conference (Buenos Aires)

18 September 2014

A brief and belated report on the multi-lingual 4S conference in Buenos Aires. The conference was a great success that revealed both the diversity of views within STS and the common themes that unite it. Rob Evans, Martin Weinel and Nicky Priaulx presented their papers in an eclectic but well-attended session that also included papers from Angel Ruiz and Andoni Eizagirre, Jens Petter Johansen, and Steve Epstein.

Apart from this session, KES (both past and present) and SEE were both well-represented in the program , with papers presented by:

  • Darrin Durant
  • Dave Caudill
  • Jathan Sadowski
  • Luis Reyes-Galindo
  • Mike Gorman
  • Rodrigo Ribeiro
  • Saulo Costa Val de Godoi
  • Tiago Duarte

Photographic evidence of the presence of at least some of these people can be found on the conference website. See, for example, these two photos from the opening reception: