Media Interest in Group Imitation Game at Granada University

In the wake of the interesting findings from the first group Imitation Game on Gender in November 2013, two members of the IMGAME team travelled again to Granada in late March to conduct another group Imitation Game on Gender. About 500 students participated this time in three different Steps.

Group Play at Step1, Granada

Group Play at Step1, Granada

Participants and Organisers at Step 2

Students and Organisers at Step 2

Participants are instructed during Step4

Students are instructed during Step4

While results have not yet been obtained, some local media outlets in Granada have shown considerable interest in the Imitation Game method. Adolfo Calatrava, our former Local Organiser in Granada who is now located at the University of Madrid, took it upon him to deal with the media. This was not easy given that they had difficulties of understanding the difference between ‘being able to pretend to be a member of a different social group’ and ‘lying’. Despite Adolfo’s best efforts of explaining the idea behind the Imitation Game, some media reports still run with the frame that says ‘women are better liars than men’.

Links to the media stories can be found here:
Ideal (local newspaper)

Secretaria General – the official news outlet of Granada University

We will report the results of the Granada Group Game on Gender soon.


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