About Us

A little about us…

We are a research group under the direction of Ceri Hammond, based primarily  in the Cardiff Catalysis Institute at Cardiff University. The focus of our research lies at the interface of heterogeneous catalysis, materials design and (in situspectroscopy. Founded in January 2014, our team currently consists of 1 PI, 2 PDRA, 7 PhD students and several undergraduate students. Aspects of our research also proceed at the Harwell campus of the UK Catalysis Hub (Oxon) and at Stanford University (USA).

Our multidisciplinary team focuses on several aspects of catalysis engineering, sustainable chemistry and inorganic chemistry. Major topics of interest are, amongst others:


    • design and synthesis of heterogeneous catalysts
    • porous materials and nanoparticles
    • catalyst screening (gas/liquid phase, high/low P and T)
    • continuous flow methodologies
    • C-H functionalisation
    • selective oxidations
    • Lewis acid catalysis
    • kinetic and mechanistic studies
    • in situ spectroscopic study and advanced catalyst characterisation
    • enzyme and biomimetic catalysis
    • inorganic nanotherapeutics

Further information about our research interests can be found here, or by e-mail (hammondc4 at cardiff dot ac dot uk).

The Cardiff Catalysis Institute 

The Hammond research group is primarily based at the Cardiff Catalysis Institute (CCI), the premier catalysis research institute within the United Kingdom. The CCI is based within the School of Chemistry at Cardif University, and is located within the university’s Main Building at Cathays Park (see below). Cardiff University is a research-focused university, and was founded in 1883.



Cardiff: A Capital City 

Cardiff is the capital and largest city in Wales, home to approximately 350,000 people, and the majority of the nations commercial, governmental, cultural and sporting institutions. Home to approximately 30,000 graduate and undergraduate students, Cardiff has a well-earned reputation for being one of the most lively and entertaining cities within the UK.