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PhD position (2018/2019)

8 May 2018

We are currently searching for one PhD student to join our team from October 2018. 


Title: PhD in heterogeneous catalysis research.

Outline of PhD: In recent years, our group has specialised in several topics within the field of heterogeneous catalysis, including:

  • biomass conversion (sugars to chemicals)
  • alkane upgrading and C-H activation
  • low temperature hydrogen production
  • scale up of heterogeneous catalytic processes
  • development of novel catalytic materials, including porous materials and nanoparticle-containing materials
  • fundamental study of heterogeneous catalysts with in situ spectroscopy, and
  • photocatalysis

Accordingly, we are seeking candidates interested in one (or more) of the aforementioned topics, to join our research group and expand our research activities. Detailed project descriptions, within the remit of the topics outlined above, will be undertaken directly with the successful candidate. The project will entail a wide range of methods, including material preparation and modification, catalytic testing (batch, continuous flow), analytical studies and (in situ) spectroscopic investigations.

Candidate description: We are seeking exceptionally talented and motivated students to join our young, ambitious research team. Students should hold – or expect to obtain – a first class or upper second class – degree (or related qualification). The candidate should have a very good knowledge of fundamental chemistry, and some knowledge in a complimentary specialised field such as inorganic materials chemistry, chemical reaction engineering, spectroscopy, and/or organic chemistry. Collaboration with researchers abroad and the UK will support the research. The project, and our larger research group, is fully supported by The Royal Society. Full details of these factors will be disclosed to candidates during the interview process.

Research environment: The HCE group is a member of the Cardiff Catalysis Institute, a University Research Institute at Cardiff University. Currently, the group consists of 1 PI, 2 PDRA and 7 full time PhD students, in addition to several undergraduate students. The group possesses a wide range of catalytic, analytical, spectroscopic and auxiliary instrumentation, including (but not limited to) GC/GC-MS, HPLC, (high-pressure) batch reactors, several Plug Flow and Trickle Bed reactors, FTIR/DRIFTS, UV-Vis, Raman and porosimetry. Communal CCI equipment (XRD, SEM-EDX, TPDRO, chemisorption, TGA(MS), NMR, XPS, amongst others) also supports our teams activities.

Application procedure: Candidates should send a CV and a personal statement directly to Ceri Hammond (hammondc4 at cardiff dot ac dot uk). The personal statement should include the rational for applying for the position, a summary of previous research experience, and an overview of their suitability for the position.

Funding situation: Full three year PhD studentship (RCUK stipend rates + fees) available to UK/EU candidates.


Further information and online application details can be found here (link to follow).