Our group and its research labs are well-equipped with a wide range of analytical, catalytic and spectroscopic instrumentation, permitting a wide range of research tasks to be performed. Additionally, as a member of the Cardiff Catalysis Institute, we have full access to the institutes extensive, communal infrastructure (all instruments being available for booking free of charge). Details of our laboratory instrumentation and the shared facilities can be found in the image gallery below.

HCE Labs

Our group is split over two research labs (2.90 and 3.31). The first is primarily for synthesis and ambient pressure catalytic studies, the second is primarily for high pressure catalysis research. In total, we occupy approximately 80 sq. metres of space.

Communal CCI facilities

A wide range of communal instrumentation is shared by the Cardiff Catalysis Institute, including;

  • Two PANalytical X-Pert XRD, one of which is equipped for in situ study with GC-MS at the effluent;
  • 3-600 MHz multinuclear NMR spectrometers;
  • Several TGA instruments, including Labsys TGA-DTA and Perkin Elmer TGA4000 (with autosampler);
  • Thermo 1100 TPDRO and Quantachrome ChemBET instruments;
  • Two Cary 4000 UV-Vis spectrometers for high intensity diffuse reflectance measurements (190-1200 nm, Harrick environmental chamber also available);
  • Two Renishaw inVia Raman spectrometers. Instrument 1 is for routine Visible- and IR-excitation Raman measurements (514 nm and 785 nm laser lines available). Instrument 2 is for sophisticated in situ measurements and/or deep UV Raman analysis (266 and 514 nm lasers, Linkam high temperature gas-solid cell also available);
  • Several porosimetry and chemisorption instruments, including Quantachrome Quadrasorb, Micromeritics 3Flex and Quantachrome autosorb;
  • Eight shared gas chromatography systems equipped with a wide range of detectors and columns;
  • Three shared liquid chromatography systems equipped with a wide range of detectors and columns;
  • Two XPS spectrometers;
  • Hitachi Tabletop microscope for SEM-EDX instrumentation.

Access to these instruments is free for our group, and can be requested through the typical CCI booking procedures.

Departmental facilities

The School of Chemistry also possesses a wide range of equipment that can also be accessed internally. This includes, but is not limited to;

  • Analytical services, including GC-MS, HPLC-MS and ICP-AES/OES;
  • TGA-FTIR-MS spectrometer;
  • TEM and STEM microscopes;
  • Several surface science techniques, including XPS/UPS, STM, AFM, LEED and ISS.