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The Group

Post-doctoral research associates


Giulia Tarantino (01/2018-present)


BSc and MSc (Chemical Science)University of Naples “Federico II” (2011, 2013)

PhD (Heterogeneous Catalysis): Cardiff Catalysis Institute (2018)

Research topics: C-H functionalisation, peroxide chemistry, selective oxidations, coupling reactions


Daniele Padovan (05/2018-present)



BSc and MSc (Industrial Chemistry)University of Bologna (2011, 2013); Tosa Montanari Fellowship: Cardiff Catalysis Institute (2014-2015)

PhD (Heterogeneous Catalysis): Cardiff Catalysis Institute (2018)

Research topics: bio-renewables, zeolites, scale up

PhD students


Keiko Yakabi Diosdado (06/2015-present)



BSc and MSc (Chemical Science and Technology): University of the Balearic Islands (2011, 2013); MRes (Catalysis): Cardiff University (2014)

Research topics: Lewis acid chemistry, bio-renewables, polymerisation,


Guillermo Nicolau Palou (10/2015-present)



BSc (Chemistry): University of the Balearic Islands (2013); Laboratory assistant: Pepsico S.L. (2013-2015); Internship: Cardiff Catalysis Institute (2015)

Research topics: Alcohol upgrading, zeolites


Luca Botti (01/2017-present)



BSc and MSc (Industrial Chemistry): University of Bologna (2014, 2016); Erasmus FellowshipCardiff Catalysis Institute (2016)

Research topics: Catalytic upgrading of sugars, zeolites, intensification studies


Kirstie Milne (10/2016-present)



MChem (Chemistry with Drug Discovery): University of Bath (2013); Catalysis CDTCardiff Catalysis Institute (2015-to date)

Research topics: Alkane upgrading, oxidations


Massimiliano Caiti (10/2017-present)



BSc and MSc (Industrial Chemistry): University of Bologna (2015, 2017); Erasmus FellowshipCardiff Catalysis Institute (2017)

Research topics: Porous materials, oxidations, continuous studies of solid catalysts


Justyna Minkiewicz (10/2017-present)



BSc (Ceramics) and MSc (Materials Engineering): AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland (2016, 2017); R&D Laboratory Assistant: Amer-Sil S.A., Luxembourg (2017) 

Research topics: Porous materials, membranes, water purification, aqueous phase catalysis


Ricardo Navar (01/2018-present)



BSc (Environmental Systems): Polytechnic University of Durango, Mexico (2013); MSc (Renewable Energy): Yucatan Centre for Scientific Research, Mexico (2016)

Research topics: Lewis acid catalysis, Biomass upgrading, Synthesis of heterogeneous catalysts

Erasmus/MSc/MChem/BSc students
  • Alexandra Jones (MChem, 2017-2018)
  • Jonathan Harding (MChem, 2017-2018); Joint student with Dr. Alberto Rolan
  • Theresa Appleson (Erasmus student visiting from Münich, 2018)
  • Matteo Deimichei (Erasmus student visiting from Bologna, 2018)
  • Manuel Simplicio Grasina (CDT RS1, 2015) “Structural and catalytic stability of Sn-Beta in the continuous regime”
  • Maddison Hewitt (CDT RS1, 2015) “Kinetic studies of transfer hydrogenations mediated by NiO-supported nano particles”
  • Chloe Smith (BSc, 2015) “Sustainable hydrogen generation catalysed by nanoparticulate metal oxides”
  • Ben Hawkins (MChem, 2015-2016) “Continuous flow upgrading of bio-renewables”
  • George Edwards (MChem, 2015-2016) “C-H functionalisation with heterogeneous catalysts”
  • Liam Hill (BSc, 2016) “NOx abatement with zeolites”
  • Adeliza Sayer (BSc, 2016) “Transfer hydrogenation of renewable substrates”
  • Thibault Mathieux (MSc, 2016-2017) “Baeyer-Villiger oxidation of renewable ketones”
  • Charlie Parsons (MChem, 2016-2017) “Intensification studies of heterogeneous catalysts”
  • Josh Crew (MChem, 2016-2017) “Mechanochemical catalyst synthesis”
  • Massimilano Caiti (Erasmus MSc, 2017) “Mechanochemical catalysis”
  • Bonnie Au (BSc, 2017) “Alcohol dehydrogenation with solid catalysts”
  • Matthew Cory (BSc, 2017) “Donor effects during catalytic transfer hydrogenation”
  • Joe MacGinley (CDT RS1, 2017) “Hydrogen peroxide decomposition over metallosilicate catalysts”