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Phoenix Project

Wales and Namibia: Communities coming together

20 October 2014

It’s going to be a busy week.  A high level delegation is arriving from Namibia to help celebrate the launch of The Phoenix Project.  We started the week with a breakfast at the Deli Rouge for the organising team, my treat.

Why the Deli Rouge? Well, apart from the excellent food and atmosphere, there’s a brilliant exhibition  there of African Portraits by Paul Crompton, taken during his last visit to Zambia for Mothers of Africa.  The exhibition is part of Made in Roath. Go see the exhibition and drink some excellent coffee.​

Our breakfast meeting this morning was the final planning meeting for the Phoenix team, for the launch of the Way Forward Engagement Projects tomorrow and then the launch of The Phoenix Project itself on Wednesday.   Fingers crossed that everything goes to plan!  The Phoenix Project is our University to University Collaboration between Cardiff and Namibia: we intend to use higher education to reduce poverty and help deliver the Millennium Development Goals.  Everyone involved believes that education can and will make a difference in sub-Saharan Africa.  Do you want to get involved too? Let me know.  Here are some links to whet your appetite:

Professor Judith Hall
Lead for The Phoenix Project
Cardiff University