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Mothers of Africa

Volunteering to make a difference

28 July 2016

Blog Post Author: Professor Judith Hall


The school build in Shiyala Zambia is for 300 primary school children.  The work is carried out by 25 local villagers, men and women, paid a good local wage. This gives a welcome injection of cash into a very impoverished community.

But very importantly, we also have 7 dedicated hard working volunteers, giving their all to the project.  Freek, Louise, Arthur and Kieron are sponsored by Cardiff Uni Global Opportunities; 2 architecture students Andrea and Amit are sponsoring themselves and Primary School teacher Katie is just doing it for love.  Their support in time and money is invaluable: we couldn’t do this without them.

I know they’re all growing through the challenge, never seen such a determined bunch.  If I can quote Freek: “every student should take a month and do this during their time”

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