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Trainee Research Network (WAAREN)

20 March 2014

Anaesthesia historically has had a thriving research base but over the past decade it seems
original publications have been decreasing year on year. There are a number of possible
reasons for this decline which are unavoidable e.g. the complex process of ethics
approval. However, one would assume that regional projects would be a lot easier to get
involved in where the research protocol and ethics approval had already been sort by a
distant centre. Nonetheless as a trainee I found that, particularly outside of Cardiff,
these opportunities were hard to come by; who should I approach? How do I get involved?
As a trainee, I don’t just want to do another local audit but want to be involved in
something bigger/more substantial with more of an impact on patient care. It seems this
frustration is felt throughout the trainee fraternity.

Sometimes solutions to our problems are closer than we think; the surgeons!! Surgical
trainees have well established trainee networks which have led to publicised research in
peer reviewed journals such as the BMJ and British Journal of Surgery. Ground breaking
research and audit led by and carried out by surgical trainees through the country.
This idea has now hit the anaesthetic world and regional trainee network forums have
sprung up in most parts of the UK. It is on this demand for research opportunities that we
have setup the Welsh Anaesthetic Audit Research and Engagement Network (WAAREN).

Although access is to research projects are plentiful in the thriving academic department
of Cardiff such opportunities are rare elsewhere in Wales. The aim of the network is to
organise well resourced audit and research in a trainee led multi centred approach. It is
out with the 10 patient PONV audit and in with the 200 patient multi-centred evidence
based research and audit. Trainees will get the opportunity to put forward potential
projects, participate in projects and support national projects. Our first project starts in
April in a hospital near you!! Check us out on twitter @WAARENgroup or our website www.

Rhidian Jones