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Pain Faculty

The Postgraduate Team

22 December 2014

The Postgraduate Team

2014 was another busy year for the team, supporting 200 healthcare professionals in their studies. They have also had articles published, presented and had poster presentations at national and international meetings.


 8 students graduated with an MSc in Advanced Surgical Practice

21 students graduated with an MSc in Critical Care (4 distinctions)

11 students graduated with an MSc in Pain Management (1 distinction)

Here are some of the MSc in Critical graduates, who attended Graduation this year.


MSc in Advanced Surgical Practice

 A few weeks ago Billy McWilliams (Course lead for the MSc in Adv Surgical Practice) had a phone call from a young man who wanted to speak to him about a former student. This young man, a resident of Penarth had been travelling in Russia when he became ill with appendicitis and ended up having surgery in a hospital in Volvograd (formally Stalingrad). One of the doctors spotted his Cardiff address and explained that he had done a Masters degree in ASP at Cardiff and had graduated in 2013 and asked if he would courier a gift back to Cardiff for Billy. Turns out to be Stanislav Panin who is working as the equivalent of a Surgical Registrar. Billy subsequently met the young traveller who presented me with 3 bottles of Russian Vodka (nicely boxed) and some commemorative Russian coins. He also told Billy that Stan had been very kind to him and had brought him food to supplement the rather meagre hospital rations.

Pain Education Residential Weekend

In August, Ann Taylor and Sue Jenkins travelled to Capetown in South Africa to run a residential weekend for healthcare professionals wishing to learn about how to teach pain to other healthcare professionals. It was a very successful weekend and they have asked us to return next year to run another weekend in Durban. Plus, 4 of the delegates want to undertake our MSc in Pain Management in September.

 Since the new and updated website was re-launched in May 2014, visitors to the site have increased by 250 to an average of 350 a day. Visitors are mainly from the United States of America, United Kingdom and Australia.