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Staff Departure: Mark Hampson

9 October 2013

8th October 2013: Today the department wished a fond farewell to one of its most longstanding
members of staff, Mark Hampson. The picture shows Mark enjoying some of the cupcakes on offer at the eve
nt, attended by many of the departmental staff. Mark has worked with the department for over 27 years, over which time he says there have been many changes and that it was the introduction of simulation courses that really suited his skills and gave him great satisfaction. Tomorrow will be Mark’s final day and will suitably be spent on a dental simulation course.

Mark’s time will now be occupied renovating his camper van, cycling and caving. Talking of his family
tortoise, Mark says that every morning it goes outside and if the weather is bad it wanders back indoors; he says that he plans to take a similar approach for his own retirement.

The department wishes Mark and his family the very best for the future.