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Mothers of Africa

Shiyala Village visit and progress

3 April 2014

The team have had a very successful day in the village today.   We introduced hand sewing and sun prints.   The women were very, very keen and produced some beautiful items. Hopefuly part of our skills legacy for the future.  I had a very productive meeting with Stella Phiri, the ABESU manager and Kalinosi the artist leading the Munandi Art Village project. We have agreed educational projects and strategies for the future. I sort of agreed, that if the village rebuilt the sad little school, that the charity would supply the solar system.

Jon and Gwilym surfaced from the solar cupboard to do some outside work thank goodness.  Thought they might be turning into vampires!  They did an initial assessment of the school.  Let’s see where we can take this.  Update on hospital activity tomorrow, though I must say, Sanjay and Cerys delivered a Mothers of Africa baby today.