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Science Matters in Namibia

30 July 2014
One of the three project areas for our collaboration is ‘Science Thinking’.  University of Namibia have specifically asked for staff strengthening in this area: one thing is certain, they do have very challenging staff to student ratios (1:200 in Maths).  With this in mind, today’s focus was on Maths, Chemistry and Computer Science.
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Starting first thing, we sat and talked through University of Namibia’s needs for 2 and a half hours.  A very enjoyable marathon.  For Maths, with Head of Department Martin we talked staff support, innovative strategies, e-learning.  Phoenix had already had a meeting with Tim Phillips Head of Maths in  Cardiff University who is very keen to have his staff involved and a Skype call is being arranged to further all our plans.
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Regarding Chemistry in addition to working up new materials, discussions focussed on supervision of student research projects, something which would be spot on for this engagment project. We have already contacted Prof Alleman in Cardiff and he has identified someone who might be able to take this forward.  Our final discussions of the morning were with Computer Science and the Django Python Seminar for the new year 2015.  Here we got a very long way, dates, attendance, content, buy-in by students, all discussed.  the delivery of this has always been a key component of the project and it looks like we can indeed make it happen, certainly lots of enthusiasm from both partners.
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Good morning’s work.  This was followed by a communication workshop and lunch.  Over lunch Kenneth Matengu was able to identify the best partner for learning and teaching: don’t tell Clare Kell on PgCUTL, but we’ve found her perfect partner!  
Ah well, no rest for the wicked, off I went to Health and Medicine in the afternoon, lots to do………….
The photos are all of our friends in University of Namibia, its easy to make friends here.
Professor Judith Hall