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Mushin Museum

Rochester Institute of Technology Photograph the Mushin Museum

20 August 2014

Rochester Institute of Technology’s (RIT) students have spent their summer photographing objects in Cardiff University’s Mushin Museum.  As part of their BSc in Photographic and Imaging Technology course, majoring in Biomedical Photography, Amber Kates and Sarah Alharbi have had a very worthwhile time here in Cardiff.  Their internship is part of RIT’s program, which places 3500 students with 2000 co-operative partners. We are proud to be one of them.  Craig Harper, a student on Cardiff University’s Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Illustration worked with the students on some of the pieces.


RIT students Sarah Alharbi and Amber Kates with Paul Crompton and myself

This relationship was very much the brainchild of Paul Crompton, Director of Media Resources, who has guided the project.  For the past three years, RIT students have produced some fabulous images of Mushin Museum’s artefacts, overcoming challenging photographic problems.

Previous RIT students who have photographed the collection are Casi Fleischman and Zach Pezzillo (2013) and Ryan Harriman and Alex Hannan (2012).  Zach is now in his final year, whilst Casi, Alex and Ryan have all successfully started healthcare photography careers in the USA.

Professor Mushin in the Mushin Museum

Sincere thanks go to, Peter Jones  (Curator) and Danielle Huckle (Assistant Curator) for their support. Enjoy the photographs, the students have made our historical artifacts look very beautiful.  I especially like the glass with its very intense colours.

Professor Judith Hall