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Public offered rare and exciting event at Cardiff University state of the art Simulation Centre

27 November 2013

An innovative and exploratory workshop will take place on 4 December offering members of the public an exclusive and fascinating insight into the Cardiff University School of Medicine’s simulation suite as they learn about the breathing and vocal apparatus in a truly unique way.

The Inside Information workshop, a collaboration between London based performing arts company, Clod Ensemble, and Professor Judith Hall of Cardiff University’s School of Medicine, forms part of Wales Millennium Centre’s Performing Medicine: The Anatomy Season (26 Nov – 7 Dec) – a unique series of conversations, workshops and performances inspired by the theme of anatomy.


(Professor Judith Hall explains what the models in Cardiff University School of Medicine’s simulation suite are capable of to Clod Ensemble’s Rose Fieber, consultant anaesthetist and anaesthetic simulation lead Dr Cristina Diaz-Navarro, illustration tutor Chris Glynn, WNO soprano Ros Evans and Dr Tracey Wilkinson ahead of the Inside Information workshop 4 Dec)

During the Inside Information workshop, participants will experience and participate in the drama of a simulated, acute medical emergency relating to the breathing system and learn about the anatomical connections between the mouth, throat, lungs and heart: how these can go wrong, and how doctors can make very serious situations, very rapidly better.

Anatomist, Dr Tracey Wilkinson, will also be offering participants an intimate look at the anatomy of the larynx. Through video, anatomical models and real anatomy specimens, participants will be able to explore the vocal apparatus, see the size and shape of actual vocal cords, and watch the cords in action as sound is produced.

WNO Opera singer, soprano Ros Evans, will then reveal the wonderful range of sounds that can be produced by the vocal chords and offer a practical session on how these sounds are created.

A team of illustration students from Cardiff Metropolitan University’s School of Art and Design, with tutor Chris Glynn, will be recording the Inside Information event through drawing, attempting to represent visible and hidden information along the way.

The workshop will culminate in a reflection on the relationship between how things look and what they do, the spectacle of medical learning, and the tensions between the clinical image and lived experience.

‘The Inside Information workshop will provide a rare opportunity to see modern medical teaching in action,’ said Professor Judith Hall. ‘Models are plastic, but they’re very advanced: their hearts beat and their lungs breathe and they can talk and even vomit! Training a junior doctor to deal with a life threatening asthma attack or a major allergic reaction is easy with these manikins: and afterwards the doctor is ready to deal with real human patients quickly and efficiently. Come along and experience it for yourself.’

Performing Medicine: The Anatomy Season runs from 26 November to 7 December. Original and eye-opening, the unique programme of events combines anatomy, medicine, visual art, expressive dance, original music and creative thought to explore what goes on under the skin, examine the representation of bodies in medical culture and reveal the way contemporary artists can utilise knowledge of anatomy in their work.

The innovative performance piece which forms part of The Anatomy Season, An Anatomie in Four Quarters (Fri 29 & Sat 30 Nov), uses dance and movement to explore the physical structure of the body as well as the magnificent anatomy of Wales Millennium Centre’s Donald Gordon Theatre. Promenading to different viewing positions throughout the piece, the audience’s attention is drawn to the importance of seeing from different perspectives. An original score, written by Clod Ensemble’s co-Artistic Director Paul Clark, features bagpipes, a live rock band and live strings from Sinfonia Cymru.

The Inside Information workshop will be held on 4 Dec, 7 – 9 pm, in the Simulation Suite, Cochrane Building, University Hospital of Wales.

For further information and to book tickets, visit or call 029 2063 6464

A blog dedicated to Performing Medicine: The Anatomy Season is available at

The Anatomy Season is presented by Clod Ensemble and Wales Millennium Centre.



An Anatomie in Four Quarters
In association with Sinfonia Cymru
Fri 29 & Sat 30 Nov, £16
Fri 7pm & 9pm, Sat 11am & 1pm
Donald Gordon Theatre, Wales Millennium Centre
Set to an original score featuring live strings, percussion and bagpipes, An Anatomie in Four Quarters celebrates the physical structure of the bodies we inhabit and the ways we attempt to see, define, contain, name and value them. The magnificent anatomy of the Donald Gordon Theatre is itself dissected as the audience walk to different viewing positions throughout the piece, examining what it means to be open and open up.


Artists Talk Anatomy
with Eleanor Crook, Kira O’Reilly, Liam Jarvis
Sat 30 Nov, 3 – 4pm, FREE
Urdd Hall, Wales Millennium Centre
Artists whose work is deeply influenced by the study of anatomy talk about their work.


Anatomical Drawing
Eleanor Crook
Sat 30 Nov, 10am – 1pm, £8
Victor Salvi Room, Wales Millennium Centre
A workshop investigating the intricate structure of the human skeleton through drawing.

Wax Sculpting Anatomy
Eleanor Crook
Sun 1 Dec, 10am – 1pm, £8
Victor Salvi Room, Wales Millennium Centre
Get to grips with the anatomy of the head and neck in this wax modelling workshop.

Inside Information
Prof. Judith Hall, Dr Tracey Wilkinson & WNO Soprano Ros Evans
Wed 4 Dec, 7-9pm, £8
Simulation Centre, Ty Dewi Sant, University Hospital of Wales
In a state of the art simulation centre using anatomical models and specimens, participants will be introduced to the vocal apparatus and how to treat patients with acute breathing problems.
Presented in collaboration with Cardiff University Medical School.

The Poetic Body
Suzy Willson & Aurelian Koch
Fri 6 Dec, 10am – 5pm, £15
Urdd Hall, Wales Millennium Centre
A full day of movement and physical exploration inspired by the great theatre teacher Jacques Lecoq.

Anatomy Through Movement
Leon Baugh & Alessandra Ruggeri
Sat 7 Dec, 10am – 5pm, £15
Blue Room, NDCWales Dance House
This full day workshop explores anatomy through movement with dancers and movement practitioners.