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Mothers of AfricaPhoenix Project

Progress in Partnership: Namibia and Cardiff Universities

29 July 2014
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The Phoenix project is well underway.  Who were the Phoenicians?  Seekers, adventurers and traders from the ancient world and in this project we seek partners to share and develop new knowledge and experiences.  They traded the purple dye murex: quality, excellence, the best.  That’s what we want from the partnership.
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What a great day of partnership we had yesterday.  Dr Kenneth Matengu had organised a superb programme.   A meeting with very senior staff from Science, Humanities and Health made us feel very welcome and connected.
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Like meeting old friends for me.  Tshi was followed by a Communications session lasting all morning and with Maggy Beukes-Amiss and her staff, we found so many synergies:  health communications  was top of my list, the use of local languages came up as important, as did things like MOOC development and of course, the all important e-learning platform.  Our own Sarah Moseley was in her element.
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After lunch in the staff canteen, Project Manager Nicola Pulman led a fabulous interactive  workshop with full-on SWOT analysis, a great success:  we really are all a team now.
I am delighted with developments, lets see what today brings!
Professor Judith Hall