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Performing Medicine

1 May 2015

Clod ensemble, in association with Cardiff University’s School of Medicine and Wales Millennium Centre, is once again​ bringing an series of events to Cardiff.  If you remember last time Clod were here, we ran a workshop on the larynx.  This year we’re delivering an workshop on  the heart, examining it from several directions.


The human heart is a symbol of love, kindness and courage but how does it actually work and what happens when it goes wrong? We will get to grips with the anatomy of the heart, experience a simulated demonstration of a medical emergency and explore a dancers perspective of this most celebrated part of the human body. 

The workshop is run by Drs Cristina Diaz-Navarro, Balachandran, Francis and professional dancer Emma Lewis and illustrated by students from Cardiff School of Art and Design.  Come along and make a start to looking at things differently.  The season is  supported by  The Wellcome Trust.

Professor Judith Hall

School of Medicine, Cardiff University

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