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Humanities & health

Performing Medicine: The Anatomy Workshop

6 December 2013

Wednesday evening saw a rare and exciting opportunity for members of the public to engage with the medical profession in Cardiff University.  Everyone had a great time, feedback was excellent, everyone wanted just to do a bit more.  Maybe, we’ll run some more workshops!

Focusing on the anatomy of the larynx or voice box there were three separate but linked workshops.  One of the real highlight of the event was the illustrated feedback session by Chris Glynn and the students from Cardiff Met CSAD.  Wonderful photos, all with consent, by Paul Crompton from Media Resources (Cardiff Uni and C and V UH) and Cardiff University Postgraduate Medical Illustration course students Michael Taylor and Nicola Kelley.


1. Getting up close with real live human anatomical specimens of the larynx to understand how the voice box fits together, how it works.  Run by Tracey Wilkinson (Anatomy, Cardiff Uni)

2.  The simulation of a medical emergency, stridor, where the main air-passage is seriously narrowed in a life threatening emergency.  It may may been with plastic mannikin, but it certainly felt real for those at the workshop.  Feel both the tension and the professionalism at the same time. Run by Cris DN, Sonia F and Andrew H (Cardiff Uni and C and V UHB)

3.  Understand the beauty of the voice, a lecture provided by Ros Evans, Soprano and opera singer with the Welsh National Opera.