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Opportunities for Cardiff University Medical Students

17 November 2014

The Phoenix Project

is a University to University collaboration between Cardiff University and University of Namibia (UNAM).  UNAM has a brand new Medical School with its first graduates in Spring 2016.  As a Cardiff University Medical Student you could:

  1. Become friends with a Namibian medical student:  work together, support each other, understand what Medicine is like in Namibia, remember Skype is free, as are e-mails
  2. Take an elective in Namibia: you could spend time in the main Windhoek University Hospitals, in the district hospitals or in really rural healthcare
  3. Host an elective for a Namibia student here in Cardiff, working with some of the academic departments
  4. Raise funds to help a Namibian student come and spend time in Cardiff University
  5. Develop educationally and culturally appropriate materials:  Use your SSCs to support a project within The Phoenix Project

Interested?  Various travel bursaries are available.  Contact Jennifer Lloyd ( we can get you up and running with student collaboration and/or specific projects.

Mothers of Africa

is an educational project in Chongwe, Zambia, based in a small District General Hospital with lots of hands-on experience and opportunities of working in rural health posts.   There is student accommodation in Chongwe Hospital (admittedly not very salubrious) so you can stay for some weeks, or you can also buddy up with a Mothers of Africa team if they are there in country during elective block.  Great experience.  There are bursaries to apply for, for this.  If interested contact Maria

Arts and Medical Education

presents the potential for medical students to realise their inner artist!  Two things:

1.  We are applying for a Wellcome Arts Award to create a series of works of art illustrating the human body, its beauty and failing.  This involves Composers and Illustrators and students from the School of Music and Cardiff School of Art and Design.  I want Medical Students involved too.  Interest? Contact James Farrant on

2.  There will also be a Wellcome sponsored seminar on Art in the Medical Curriculum and we need Medical Students there:

Professor Judith Hall, School of Medicine, Cardiff University