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Opportunities for Anaesthetists and Intensivists

5 November 2014

The Academic Department of Anaesthetics, Intensive Care and Pain Medicine has opportunities which I would like to draw your attention to.  If you are interested, please get in touch.

1.  The Phoenix Project: is running 3 intensive courses in Anaesthesia in Namibia in 2015, with the first starting on 2nd February 2015.  This is an opportunity to spend 10 days in Namibia teaching medical officers, medical students and anaesthetic nurses: its exciting and rewarding work. You will be teaching Anaesthesia largely, but also potentially some Intensive Care Medicine. This is open to Consultants from throughout Wales and our Senior Trainees (ST5 and above).  There are opportunities for both Obstetric and Non-Obstetric Anaesthetists.  We are looking for those interested to apply to the AAGBI IRC committee for funding, which comes through pretty quickly.  You may want to take a holiday at the end and there will be opportunities for visiting game parks during time off.  If interested, contact Jen Lloyd in the first place, administrator for Phoenix: she can arrange a discussion with me.

2. Research and Lecturer Posts:  the department is recruiting for trainees wanting to enhance their CVs with posters, presentations and publications in teaching and a wide variety of research areas.  Although all our research posts are generic, we tailor  them to your needs.  Previous trainees have been placed in neuro, cardiac, obstetrics, sepsis (intensive care) with great success really adding to their CVs.  Innovation research has been very popular and successful recently.  Please contact Leanne Rees in the first place, she is co-ordinating and will let me know.

3. Mothers of Africa:  has a medical trip to Zambia, this time during the first week of March 2015.  The trip is for one week in this case.  We need two Anaesthetists, you can be Consultant or senior trainnee (an interest in Obstetrics and/or Intensive Care will be useful).  You will be working with local staff in a well establised project.  We will also being taking over an Obstetrician and a Hernia Surgeon. Please contact me in the first place via my PA

Professor Judith Hall