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Applied Anatomy for Medics

New Opportunities in Applied Anatomy Teaching

6 January 2014

The new C21 curriculum for undergraduate medical students is now well into the delivery stage at Cardiff University.  The curriculum has an emphasis on applied science and with that in mind Dr Tracey Wilkinson and Professor Judith Hall have initiated a module for 5th year medical students.  Applied anatomy is being piloted in Spring 2014 for 96 medical students.  We hope to bring Anatomy alive, giving it really clinical relevance for tomorrow’s doctors.  So for instance a practical station on the heart will involve a close look at real specimens with an anatomist, and be coupled with a look at ECGs and state of the art simulation software with clinicians.


The module will be delivered by both anatomists and senior clinicians.  Currently the clinical team consists of Anaesthetists and Surgeons and we’ve all been down in the dissection room looking at specimens and designing the format (see photo attached, you get to wear a designer blue smock!).  Hopefully this pilot module will be a success and we will be able to role it out to the full year in 2015.  We are looking to recruit additional Consultants with an interest in surface, applied Anatomy and skill training.  If you are interested, please come along to help for an hour or two on the pilot days and see if you want to help with delivery  in the next academic year.   Contact us through:

Dr Tracey Wilkinson and Professor Judith Hall