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Namibian Mathematicians arrive at Cardiff University

30 April 2015
The round table with Prof Hywel: I was even there!
The round table with Prof Hywel: I was even there!

Mathematicians from University of Namibia (UNAM) have just completed a fact finding trip to Cardiff University as part of our Phoenix Project.  UNAM has vast numbers of students that need teaching basic maths, and only a tiny number of staff to teach.  There’s a high failure and drop-out rate. Martin Mugochi (Head of Department), Jean-Baptiste Gatsinzi and Paulus Haihambo came to understand new teaching techniques from staff in the School of Maths in Cardiff University.  Robert Wilson, Vincent Knight and Professor Tim Phillips were perfect hosts and our colleagues learnt a lot.  There was a marvellous teaching and learning techniques seminar from the team, with Steve Rutherford from Biosciences also contributing.

This visit was supported by Professors Hywel Thomas and Kevin Morgan and by Lynnette Thomas, Kevin Leonard, Nicola Pulman and of course the indomitable Jen Lloyd.  That question again:  Where’s Jen??

The visit was a real educational success, with future research possibilities coming out of it.  Well done and thanks everybody.

Professor Judith Hall

Phoenix Project Lead