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Mushin Museum

Mushin Museum Local Schools Open Day, October 2013

18 November 2013

In October this year the anaesthetic department and the Mushin Museum held a Local Schools Open Day. Building on previous experience with these events we put together a programme that highlighted historical and modern aspects of anaesthesia. Sixth form pupils from Penarth’s Stanwell School were given the opportunity to explore Mushin Museum artefacts, learning how anaesthetic equipment has developed since the late 19th century. Pupils also experienced the practicalities of a modern anaesthetic with great hands-on activities using real equipment in the new, state-of-the-art simulation suite in the department.

MM Left – Old meets new: here a Schimmelbusch mask (c.1890) is demonstrated to pupils using a modern airway teaching dummy.
Right – Dr. Bethan Morris talks pupils through the skill of intubation (passing a tube into a patient’s windpipe to deliver oxygen and anaesthetic).

Encouraged by overwhelmingly positive feedback from Stanwell pupils, we will continue to deliver this activity as part of the wider programme of planned public engagement activity by the Mushin Museum.

MM Left – Dr. John Holland demonstrates an old Boyle’s anaesthetic machine.
Right – Dr. Matthew Carwardine with pupils in the new department simulation suite. He is talking through a modern anaesthetic with a little help from a modern simulation dummy.

Special thanks go to Dr. Matthew Carwardine, Dr. John Holland, Dr. Bethan Morris, Mr. Ben Sharif, Mr. Jonathan Dauncey & Dr. Christina Diaz-Navarro who made this event a success.

If you are a local school interested in future events please contact us on

If you are a medical student, anaesthetist or theatre practitioner interested in being a member of the Open Day faculty please contact me on

Sixth form pupils from Stanwell School getting to grips with a face mask- and doing a pretty good job!