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EngagementMothers of Africa

Mothers of Africa works with Rumney and Shiyala Primary Schools

20 June 2014

Impact:  Mothers of Africa have spent another year working in Zambia with Rumney and Shiyala Primary Schools.  In this we are for both Wales and for Africa.

The pictures below are this year’s Year Book something we put together for both schools, I hope you enjoy it.   In publishing this latest Year Book, I want to celebrate the contribution of Rumney Head Mistress Ann Evans, she has believed in the importance of joining young minds across our continents.  Ann is retiring at the end of this academic year and while we wish her luck and happiness we will all miss her wisdom, determination and her tremendous kindness.

The Year Book is compiled by Adrian Shaw, with photos by Paul Crompton, it stars lots of lovely Mothers of Africa volunteers.  For a full set of photos go to:

Professor Judith Hall